Getting started with professional machines

The location for craft courses in Amsterdam


In addition to the workplaces and machines the Openbare WerkPlaats has to offer, there is also the canteen, shop and free parking. You can take a shower after work and furthermore, through the entire building, free and fast WiFi is available.


You can moor your boat at our private jetty (35m, up to 12 meters without permit). The conditions are that you will work on the inside of the boat and you’re going to use our facilities. So you pay the regular port fees to the City of Amsterdam and us a fee of € 1, – per meter per day on the days you do not work on your boat.


The canteen is the heart of the Openbare WerkPlaats. You can register here, pay, drink, eat lunch and discuss things. It is the meeting place where you can find books catalogs and samples of materials. We try to regularly get some fruit, soup or something tasty on the table. The canteen facilities are free.



In our shop (f.e. our soreroom), you can go for the basic necessities: screws, bolts, drills, cutters, saws, adhesives, sealants, paints, brushes, rollers, etc. It is also possible to order (larger quantities of) materials such as wood and steel or have it delivered at the premisis. It is also possible to have materials such as wood and steel delivered directly to us by our partners. We can always inform and advise you on materials, processing options and possible suppliers.



The building where the Openbare WerkPlaats is located, has been a storage for a large part. So in the mountain of stuff we found there after some 40 years of storage, there are things that we really do not know what to do with it, but found it a pity to throw away. We have drawers, bins and boxes full of screws, bushes, wheels, locks, hinges and other things that are waiting for an application.