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Introduction Furniture Making


You don’t need experience or big, complex machinery to make furniture. You start with a solid plank of beech and with a little bit of help from us with the table saw you can make yourself a stool to take home, using mainly hand tools and a variety of joints. The next time you want to make furniture, you can do it at home with the experience you gained.

No tickets available and you understand Dutch well enough to follow group explanations? In that case you can join the Dutch version of this course (asking questions in English is no problem). Please visit the Dutch course page.

  • Duration: 1 day (7 hours) from 10.00 to 17.00h.
  • Goal: Simple furniture making.
  • target group: people who want to work with their hands and wood for a change.
  • level: BASIC-advanced-expert
  • Content: During the morning you will learn to measure, saw and sand accurately. In the afternoon you will mainly work in pairs putting your individual stools together.
  • Teacher: Peter Koopman or Mike Mur.
  • Form: 5 to 8 persons.
  • Machines: Various hand tools and battery-powered drill.
  • Peculiarities: including materials, excluding lunch.