Getting started with professional machines

The location for craft courses in Amsterdam


The Openbare WerkPlaats has a large network of suppliers around the motorcycle engineering course. At all of them you can order (consumable) parts for your motorcycle, but each one also has its specialty. Traditionally Reivilio Motoren (500 meters away from us) is a good neighbor. Roukema in Wormerveer is the nearest used parts dealer. Sparks is an online store specialized in custom brake lines. 1 Stop MotorOnderdelen in Alphen a/d/Rijn delivers tires and even offers the possibility to (learn how to) mount them yourself through their ‘MotorBandenZaak’. Motorique has its roots in racing and Boonstra Parts In Ureterp (yes, that’s a bit further away) is the largest motorcycle run in Europe. Some websites allow you to enter your license plate number, while others allow you to search by model and year to get the right stuff listed.

With a number of suppliers, you get a discount if you use the following code in the ordering process: OWP2019.

Also, don’t forget to buy/copy/download a workshop manual (WPHB) or in English: workshop manual. It contains all the spec details for your engine. Clymer and Haynes are 2 major publishers of these, but the engine brands themselves often have a copy for your engine as well.

Amsterdamse Fijnhout Centrale

If you’re looking for really nice wood, you need to go to Fijnhout. As they say themselves: more than 100 types of (solid) wood in stock. Try to go there and make a choice, not so easy.



We always order our steelwork and welding equipment from Perk in Zaandam. Today they are called RUBIX. Fast delivery (also small orders) and a very large selection (also drive technology, etc.


Baars & Bloemhoff

If you are looking for beautiful sheet metal, with decorative finish or special veneer, you may lose your way at Baars & Bloemhof. If you are looking more for wood for construction then there is STIHO. Both companies (they fall under the same parent company), can be found on industrial estate Amstel, including showroom for the former and store for the latter: the Bouwplein.

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de Hoop

For the sale of all kinds of metals and their operations (including computer-controlled laser cutting), you need to be at de Hoop (formerly: AluminiumCentrale Amsterdam).



If you want something beautifully carved or engraved, we have a fine address for that. Metaalwinkel makes beautiful things even more beautiful, unique or just practical. All custom-made and especially suitable for precise, small and/or complex shapes. One of those addresses where they stock almost all types and shapes of steel, plus can do many operations.


Doe het zelf Wittenburg

At DHZ Wittenburg in Amsterdam East (near the Maritime Museum), people with knowledge and experience are there to help you further. This is a chain of professionals. They do more than just sell, they also make and install if required. No price stunner can beat that.


FabLab de Waag

In the middle of the Nieuwmarkt, so in the middle of the old center of Amsterdam, there is a very old building where very modern technologies are accessible to everyone. Where the Openbare WerkPlaats goes for the artisanal approach, the FabLab the Waag Society opts for the digital route. 3D printers, CNC milling (for everything but metals), laser cutters and so on. They also have all kinds of other machines that we didn’t even know existed. Feel free to check it out.


Weijntjes hang & sluitwerk

For more than 120 years a household name in special hardware and ironmongery, door fittings, window fittings and furniture fittings for restoration work among others. Everything is available from stock and a large part of the range is only available from Weijntjes in the Netherlands. They are now part of Gunters & Meuser, a chain of hardware stores that has several branches in Amsterdam, but for the entire range you should be at G&M at the Amsterdamse Bos.

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Gereedschapslijperij Hagedo/Mekking

Tools that are used are blunt at some point. Then we have it sharpened at the company Hagedo (formerly Mekking). Mr. Mekking has since stopped, but the headquarters in Utrecht is in full operation. With us, therefore, you can still bring in your items to be sharpened. Twice a week they drive up and down to pick up items and deliver everything that has been sharpened back for issue.