Getting started with professional machines

The location for craft courses in Amsterdam


Everything starts with your own temporary workstation. In this case, a workbench in a common room, sufficiently large to work on one’s own piece of work. The type and size of that spot depends on what you’re working on and we’ll decide by mutual agreement. You can always use both the woodworking and metalworking facilities (preferably not at the same time, because then we have to calculate 2 workplaces).

How much it costs to rent a workbench can be found on the pricing information page.



We have different types and sizes of workbenches available. Please fill out the form when and in what department you would like to work (in particular), along with size of your workspace and of course the number of dayparts. We would also like to know which machine(s) you plan to use primarily.


If you are looking for your own lockable workspace for a longer period of time, we have it here also. An intermediate solution for jobs that last a week to a month is to rent your ‘own’ space in the workshop: For 1 week you pay 425, – for 2 weeks 800, – for 3 weeks 1150, – and for 4 weeks 1500, – this is ex. BTW and intensive use of the machines. It starts on the day you start, you can only work during opening hours and you pay a week in advance. If you rent for an extra day it costs 100,- per day extra. Do you have a bigger job, but can’t join us every day? Then you can buy a credit (our “Scratch Card”), from which we then deduct each time the cost you incurred that day. Although you pay in advance, you get a 10% discount.