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Rent a workbench at the Openbare WerkPlaats

Everything starts with your own temporary workstation. In this case, a workbench in a common room, sufficiently large to work on one’s own piece of work. The type and size of that spot depends on what you’re working on and we’ll decide by mutual agreement. You can also use both the woodworking and metalworking facilities at any time.

Why the Openbare WerkPlaats?

Easy to rent by the day part

Rental of the workstations, tools and machines is always by 4-hour dayparts: from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (evening availability is very limited).

The prices are clear; you pay for what you use.

The prices are clear; you pay for what you use. The counter does not immediately start running with every part, however, the stove must be able to burn.

Get started quickly

At the Openbare WerkPlaats, it is possible to rent a workbench quickly. Registration with the Openbare WerkPlaats costs a one-time fee of €25. For this you will receive a tour of the workshop and fun memento. At that time we would also like to know what you want to do and what you can do, both from a safety point of view, and so that we can facilitate you as well as possible. Finally, we discuss our ‘House rules’, where you’ll have to sign for.

Discount for frequent use

It is possible to deposit a credit in advance on a so-called ‘Scratch Card’, with 2 advantages: you get 10% discount on regular prices from a credit of € 200 and you do not have to pay every day. Students receive a 20% discount on regular prices starting at €100 credit.

Receive more information without obligation

Leave your information, we will be in touch to explain things. If necessary, we will schedule a tour of our workshop so you can see what we do.

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Contact us yourself

+31 (0)20 468 0581

Cruquiusweg 78, 1019 AJ Amsterdam

What equipment do we have?

In the Openbare WerkPlaats we have a large number of fixed machines that you can use and that are included in the rent of a workstation, as well as the use of the available hand tools. Furthermore, you are free to bring your own electric and/or hand tools, but we also have a large assortment of electric (battery) tools for rent.


Format Saw

Also known as a panel saw or saw table. We have 2: With the large one you can saw serious sheets of wood (glued, pressed or HPL of up to 3.2×3.2 meters). The 2nd saw we have can cut 2.5×1.25 meters. Both can also cut diagonally and cut diagonally at 45 degrees. The saws are depth adjustable and there is a pre-zipper saw on it that prevents you from getting a frayed edge on the underside of the cut for laminated board material, for example.

Scallop Saw

We also have a scalloped saw. Optically a compact size saw, but specifically designed to cut solid wood beams lengthwise.


The function of this machine is to plane (solid) raw wood flat and square. In an opening between 2 flat plates, a roller with chisels rotates to smooth out any curvature in the wood (usually by passing over it several times). Then this flat part can be held against a vertical stop and the process repeated. This creates one right angle and flat angle in the beam. The maximum width is 50cm.

Thickness bench

This large cube is similar in operation to the flattening machine, but it is “closed”. A roll of chisels can take several millimeters off a solid beam (never sheet metal) each time to arrive at the desired thickness. The maximum wood dimensions that can be carried through are 53x30cm.


Electric welding machine

We have these in both large and small sizes, and they work with rods (called “electrodes”), which melt in a special way, and thus a weld is created. Practice makes perfect!

MIG welding machine

The device for most accessible way of welding (read: fast results). Here, additive material is passed through the welding torch (the part with the handle) in wire form when you press the button. We have several of these, including one that is suitable for MIG welding of aluminum. The right shielding gas also plays a role here, but whether something is really tight and looks nice is a matter of making meters.

TIG welder

Following a similar principle to the plasma cutter, an electric arc connection is made between the tip at the handle (the welding torch with tungsten electrode) and the workpiece. This melts the material to be welded and flows together (whether or not by adding additional material). With this, very nice welds can be made, with a steady hand and a lot of skill.

Spot Welding Machine

2 large ‘fingers’ press the sheet material together and then a desired amount of current is passed through the material for the set time, concentrated at 1 ‘point’. The material properties of metal (read: surface resistance), causes the 2 parts to weld together. This welding technique is suitable for thin sheet materials, where distortion due to too much heat input is undesirable.



This is a machine where the cutting tool is stationary and the workpiece rotates (up to about 30cm diameter and 100cm long). With the many different chisels, you can make a multitude of cylindrical shapes with this so-called “machining” technique. These are the pieces of metal that you remove from your workpiece to achieve the desired end result.

Milling machine

This colossus is a precision instrument and can move in all kinds of directions and in many positions in order to remove (mill) material with very small tolerances from in or clamped workpieces.

Table Drill

A fixed drill that can run at different speeds. Because the machine is adjustable in height and equipped with a stop and, if desired, a machine clamp, it is possible to drill holes in quick succession, with little danger of, for example, knocking off the workpiece.

Sandblasting Booth

This cabinet is a bit like an incubator, looking at the pane of glass and the built-in gloves. Inside, a (metal) object can be placed, the paint of which, for example, needs to be removed. Inside is a syringe attached to a hose. This blows grit (fine but sharp grains). This blasts the surface to be treated clean.

Take a look at the Openbare Werkplaats

Are you a professional, designer, craftsman/woman or hobbyist? Then you can get started right away in our WorkPlace! The Openbare WerkPlaats is the place to be for anyone who wants to work with wood, metal and engineering, but doesn’t have access to the necessary space and professional machinery or tools. Rather watch than read? Watch the video!

Looking for a lockable space for a longer period of time?

You can also rent your own enclosed work/atelier space at the Openbare WerkPlaats, within the A10 ring road and with free parking when you are working. We have 3 sizes: 30, 40 and 55m2 (all with half work & half storage).

Each space consists of a lockable part of on the first floor, with lighting and electrical connections (16A 220V and 380V) and an attic/storage of slightly smaller dimensions. The private space is accessible 24/7.

Receive more information without obligation

Leave your information, we will be in touch to explain things. If necessary, we will schedule a tour of our workshop so you can see what we do.

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